How to change eyes?

I’ve now put a new body on her. Wow what a difference! I can’t believe a different body can alter a doll so much! She had a front leg body and I’ve put a 3/4 one on, she looks so much better with it. I think the other one must have been the wrong fit.

Now about her eyes. They are full round, the sockets look round too. The reason the eye has dropped is because the glue has gotten loose, it feels tacky and I can move the eye around. I managed to reposition it easily but as soon as I restuff the head or move it down it drops again. If I take them out could I put an oval or flat backed set in and pad the back of the socket out with some polyfill to stop them moving? Or do they have to be full round eyes?

You can definitely change to half round. @Bon uses coins to fill the space!

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I don’t glue eyes anymore. I put cotton on the back along with moleskin to hold them in place. I like to be able to reposition them, with contact thingy, for different looks. Thanks @Miss_Kitty for that idea. But my dolls go to fam and friends and they like that too.


I wonder if the space could be filled in with the silicone ear plugs putty? It is moldable to any shape you want as it is soft. Then the half round eyes put in from the front for a tight fit. I would try that myself. If that worked you would not need to glue them.

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I would worry that the silicone would cause the vinyl to break down and go oily.

I have used DAP all purpose silicone sealer on the backs of eye sockets before and that did not do so. But you may be right…

I’ve found some half round ones I like the look of but they are acrylic. When I’ve bought acrylic eyes before for other projects they’ve never looked as real as glass ones, bug the only glass ones I’ve found are oval. Is there any way of making the acrylic ones look more lifelike?

I’m really unsure about using any silicone to hold them in, I once bought a full vinyl baby who had been fully weighted with silicone pellets to make it squishy. After a while the vinyl started turning yellow and when I opened it up to see why, all the pellets had melted, some had stuck into the vinyl (which had also gone sticky and oily) and was impossible to get out as was the yellowing…$500 doll ruined :frowning_face: :grimacing:

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Yes, I have seen that with the baby fat pellets too.
There is also a product called Milliput Putty that is a putty you can mold and put in stuff and it will dry hard. That is another thought.

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