How to achieve these tones

How do I achieve these skin tones?


Here is part 1… not sure why 5 shows first…


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@AmyR777 does a similar skin tone on a lot of her babies. Maybe she has a suggestion :blush:


I start by building skin tones with the primary colors then switch over to Burnt Umber. There are no set rules…it all depends on the base color of the kit and the final tones you want. I do the mottling, veins, etc all the same, no matter the skin tone.


Primary colors are blue, red and yellow correct? If I’m using the new peach vinyl, do I need to neutralize? Do you do more than one wash of each primary color?

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Yes, but not really. With each layer of a primary color, the overall color shifts. If I’ve done a red and yellow wash, the vinyl will be a bit peachy or orange so when the blue wash is applied, it brings the vinyl back to the correct tone.

So, if I’m starting off with an orange-y vinyl, I’ll start off with 2 washes of blue, 1 red and 1 yellow. That should bring the tones in line.

Sometimes. In the above instance it’s done. Also, if I’m wanting a red hue, then I’ll do two red washes and only one of the others. It really just depends on the kit and my mood at the time.

Here’s topics on the Primary Method that may help:


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