How much to charge to paint and root a kit that someone else purchased?

I was contacted by a lady who has bought a kit for her daughter and she would like me to paint and root the kit but have no idea as to what I should charge for this service

I would charge her the same as normal, minus the cost of the kit. It depends upon what you normally figure for your time, cost of supplies (minus the kit of course) and I think that would be fair.
Everyone has their own “rate” they feel comfortable charging for time.

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I would also charge your normal price minus the cost of the kit since she is providing it for you.

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Thanks everyone. I just have never had this situation come up. And just wanted to be fair. :wink:

Since each of us sells at a different price point, it’s not a set amount. I don’t make much when I do sell a doll if I even break even. Others make a couple of hundred per doll. Wish I could be more helpful but I have to agree that I’d only take off the price of the kit.