How much mohair for a reborn?

I am new to reborning and am purchasing my first beginner kit that comes with 1/4 ounce of mohair. Is this enough to achieve a not real thin but not too thick head of hair for my reborn baby?

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I would say it’s enough. I rooted hair on my first reborn a few weeks ago. I used the whole pack, not saying you have too.

You would need at least 1/2 oz. I think you are thinking of getting Ruby Red. AVOID that hair.


Ruby Red isn’t very good quality but it’s okay to practice with on a test head. For the real deal invest in good mohair-Slumberland, Delta Dawn, Sugargliderus, Angela Sprott and there are others. It’s more expensive but much higher quality and makes a world of difference in the end result.


If you like your doll, treat yourself to some quality mohair. If you root with pieces cut to about three to four inches, (usually enough) you can get a baby rooted with just 1/4 oz. The ruby red will probably disappoint you. Most people are not fond of it.