How is Sandie selling?

How is Sandie selling? I absolutely love this kit and I’m surprised she’s not selling quickly (9 listed) on, even the lower priced ones. I thought she’d be really popular. Is she selling better on other sites?


I don’t know but I just purchased Grace’s version. I have 2 kits of her…just gonna tuck them away :slight_smile:

Actually, I won’t be heartbroken if mine doesn’t sell right away, but I would like her to sell at some point.

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I don’t know how she’s selling but I’ve had a blast painting mine. I probably won’t be too cut up if she doesn’t sell right away.

I am painting her now and have one other for later to paint. I think this is a darling kit and might be hard to let it go for sure. I had a feeling Sandie would be flooding the market so wasn’t in a hurry to finish her. :footprints: :baby:

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