How has this year been treating you?

How has your doll business been in 2012? I have been quite surprised given the fact that everyone is always talking about how bad the economy is and let’s face it, dolls are not a necessity. But I have done better in these 8 months than I have done since I began reborning in 2005. I have sold 27 dolls (mostly custom) since January. In fact I haven’t had time to add to my inventory for the fall craft shows I do.

If you would care to share your past 8 months I would be interested.


I’ve only sold a few, two are pending, but not for much money. I barely got what I put into them, but then my dolls are pretty much beginners, so I am learning with each doll.

This is my first year reborning and i have sold 9 so far.

Well, I guess I should be happy. I’ve been “out of the closet” with my dolls for the last six months or so. Sold four, rented seven for two movies (and got them back in perfect condition). Now I’ve made a pause since I’m on “vacation” in my hometown without my doll supplies, but I plan to make and sell more (I have about 17 kits waiting to be done) once I return to Zagreb. I wasn’t really active on EBay or Etsy, but I plan to “take over” the worldwide market once I settle in one place again. My skills have improved, so I’m hoping to get better prices and more customers in the future.

I’ve only made dolls to keep, but I think I’m getting to the point where I’m thinking I could let some go. One I’m going to donate to an adult day care Mom goes to. It’s been a very busy summer with no dolly time, but I’m hoping in the next few weeks I can get back into “flow” when time stops and I’m completely absorbed in creating

I’ve only been reborning as a hobby in March of this year. I had no intentions of selling until someone asked to buy one, lol. I only started selling in the last month or so. So far I’ve made enough to cover my initial investment and have advanced into the profit zone I’ve was snatching up the $20 kits for practice which easily sell completed on eBay for around $150 and I can paint about 3-4 in a day and sparsely root about 3-4 a day. After selling a couple dozen “practice dolls”, I’ve started a few customs, upped my price and I’m preparing to move up to higher end kits.

I will also be selling at 3 upcoming doll shows. Ack! So nervous.

This has been a wild ride, this market is very competitive and some people will go to extremes to try to run you off. I love reborning and hope I can find my niche to make it a profitable. It’s everything I’m live to do: painting, sewing, babies and meeting new people. …and sometimes I kinda like rooting, lol. There is always something to do without getting bored. When I don’t feel like painting I process and dye my mohair, or sew clothing, or knit blankies, or all the other fun things this art has to offer.

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RobinRose, your babies are adorable! Just keep creating, but put them aside for a month or two. Right now people are using their disposable income for vacations and getting their kids ready for school. Once in a while I test the waters on ebay, but if something doesn’t sell, I am prepared to wait it out. Don’t discourage, just paint! The right person for your baby(ies) is out there, the stars just need to be in sync! (oh yuck, New Age talk, but the timing is something that just happens. Otherwise, how do you explain Pet Rocks from the '70’s???

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“Don’t discourage, just paint!” -Windeec

I think I want to quote this in my siggie, lol. Can i use it? lol.

Katy, you’re in a league of your own! Don’t know anyone else on the Forum who can make babies from scratch!

Iansmommie, good luck with your sales–how do you get so much done in a day? But ain’t it fun??? Lovin’ it!

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Iansmommie, good luck with your sales–how do you get so much done in a day? But ain’t it fun??? Lovin’ it!

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My son is back in school, lol. This summer I had to make dollies at night or early in the morning when he was asleep. I got a about a dozen of the $20 kits and just practiced, practiced, practiced. Broke alot of needles and dove into reborning wholeheartedly. It’s my stress reliever.

I guess I am doing pretty well this year,
though I have nothing to compare it to!
I am new to reborning, as I have only made 17 dolls-
I have sold 12 since starting to list them in June…
Not too bad for a beginner!!! (I think?!?)

@Robin Rose- I love your Rooting! So soft!