How do you keep track of your inventory of supplies?

Hi everyone,
I am starting to accumulate supplies as time goes on and it is no longer practical to just look through my tote to see if I have plugs or other materials in the right size. I was wondering what, if anything, you use to keep track of inventory. I am using Excel right now with columns for each doll kit indicating whether I have all the parts in stock or not, and have added the add function so I can see how much of each thing I have in total in case I decide to steal the plugs for kit x and use them for kit y.
I’m just wondering, does anyone have any good ideas about this? It’s taking me a while to get this set up and I was wondering if anyone has a better idea. I don’t want it to take longer to keep track of parts than to reborn them, ya know? Thanks!

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I used Excel at first and it worked well. One little tip I can offer that helped me tremendously is to package the neck rings, plugs and body with the kit before I put it into the storage bin. That way I know that I have everything. You probably already do that, though. As my supplies and clothing inventory grew to a ridiculous size, I kept needing to add more columns, which made my spreadsheet about 12 pages wide, so my husband created a system in QuickBooks to keep up with everything. My biggest problem is staying on top of entering everything. :weary: QuickBooks is on his computer and it is a real pain for me to use it. He is a left-handed Windows using Forensic Accountant who password protects everything. I am a right-handed MAC using Artist who keeps no sensitive info on my computer and password protects nothing. To make it work for both of us, I keep a book that I write everything in making a page for each doll ordered and listing everything that was actually used, down to the amount of beads, polyfill, magnets, etc. Periodically, whenever I feel like jumping through all of the hoops necessary to access his computer and then switching the mouse to work right-handed, I will transfer that information to QuickBooks so it will remove those items from inventory and give me a true cost analysis. But I digress. I think you just have to do what works best for you. Excel is great.

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Too funny! My husband is an accountant, too, but specializes in internal audit. He loves saying he’s a CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) laughingly. LOL Nerdy, I know. It’s geeks galore over here. I trained as a bookkeeper before having my son but have done more “artsy” type of work or courses like hairstyling and massage therapy.
Anyhooo… I was packaging each kit with its own body, rings, plugs, and eyes but now I sometimes don’t buy everything at once. Like when the kit sales started I got just kits. Sometimes certain plugs, bodies or rings are o/s and have to be ordered later. Or I buy more rings and plugs to reduce cost per piece so there are extras. So that doesn’t work all the time. I was thinking of Ziplocing the same size rings, plugs, eyes and bodies together so if I need 20mm I just get it from that bag. The thing is figuring out what things I’m missing to complete kits so I’ve been making a chart of each kit’s requirements and what I actually have but it is taking forever…

And for the life of me, how do you keep inventory of clothing bought a piece here and a piece there in Quickbooks? I could see as a clothing store that gets multiples of each item it wouldn’t be so bad but I rarely buy more than one outfit of the same thing and buy from all over. How could you name everything and not get it mixed up? Lots of white frilly dresses and light blue little boy’s layette. How confusing. How do you find the item in your list after to indicate it is gone?? And you weigh polyfill that you use in each doll? That sounds like a lot of work but it does give you a realistic picture of cost per doll which is often more than artists or buyers realize. I’m in awe. :smile:

Here is a link of BB kits with required parts. I haven’t checked to see how new it is but it is a good place to start.
I started with this and just added to it for non-BB kits. I actually do separate my plugs, rings, etc., into Ziploc bags and label them. I keep up with the outfits by assigning each one an item number and description when it is entered into QuickBooks. Same with shoes, socks, booties, onesies, etc., etc., etc. Perhaps a bit of OCD?? :open_mouth: Theoretically, the item gets a sticker with the item number so it can be easily found in QB when it is time to take it out of inventory. But like most things that work in theory, the tagging thing hasn’t happened yet, so I am going to hire someone to do a onetime inventory and tag everything? I just don’t have time to do it all. It wasn’t a problem when it was a hobby but now that it is my full time occupation I have to keep up with it as a business and it is a very daunting task. Have you seen the pics of my nursery? It sort of looks like a clothing store LOL!! No, I don’t weigh the polyfill for each doll, I just estimate it. The beads get weighed. When I got downsized last year my hubby asked me if I could make any money at this “reborning thing”. I told him that I had no idea but I would like to find out. Thus, the record keeping. 10 months later, I’m still trying to “find out”. :smile:

The nursery clothing wall:


Wow, nice! I don’t have room for a nursery unless I take over the guest room (which my in-laws will probably hate) so my stuff is in boxes and bags. My dining room is a mess right now. Some in hat boxes. Probably a pole’s worth of clothes.
That’s a good idea with the item # for each item but time consuming. I don’t think I could keep up.

I forgot to mention that I am using the handy parts list from BB already, but thanks for mentioning it!

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Thanks! I DID take over the guest room, so anyone who stays with me gets the queen size blow up mattress and has to share the room with the babies. My son-in-law hates that because dolls creep him out. :scream: BTW, I took over the dining room as well HEHEHEHE!!! But hubby helped me do it so I guess he is the enabler. It’s just the two of us here so we never use the dining room . Everyone who visits ends up in the kitchen and breakfast room so it was just wasted space. Hubby built a project table for me so I have a nice self-contained work space and don’t have all of my “stuff” all over the place. As for the item # thing, it is a great idea, but I can’t keep up with it either.

Here’s the project table he built. It is 48" x 48" x 36" with 24 cubbies and a 24" double cabinet built in. I keep all of my supplies in the cubbies so they are handy when I need them. The other organizers that sit near the table hold paints, accessories, ribbon, certificates, etc. My dry-erase board helps me to keep up with when orders are due. The photo doesn’t show all of it, but you can get the idea. He’s a keeper!


He definitely is! Good for you, girl! :smile: Seriously, I love it. My dining room is actually needed (have an 11 year old) and we don’t have a large kitchen and no breakfast area.
Your set up is beautiful, though. Very inspiring!

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Love the stock!!! Ya can never have to many! LOL!!!