How do you feel....?




II would think I’m underestimating the value of my work and raise my prices. If someone else can get more for them, why shouldn’t I?


It kinda irritates me. Happened with 2 of my Saskias I made. They got a good deal and I sent beautiful hand knit outfits with them. They are both now resold (one just the week after she got her, the other as she wasn’t “bonding”)


Yup, this is it. I love these dolls and want everyone to be able to afford one, so I stay as reasonable as I can with my prices. I could have raised them long ago… In fact, I actually have had customers tell me that. Lol

So all and all, my own fault, I suppose. From here forward, I’m going to charge what I want. People can either buy it or not.


I once saw one of mine being resold for $500 more than I sold it for. It really irritated me because the person was all over communicating with me for days before getting the baby then after the baby arrived not one peep so I thought she must not like it or must be something wrong with it and started to doubt myself even though I felt like it was one of my best dolls. Then 6 months later I see she has it posted on face book for $1200. I was in shock. She couldn’t think it was bad if she marked it up that much.


Wow! You must do amazing work!! I can see why you would be irritated!!

My work is average. And I think I charge a fair price. I really was in shock about the up charge. But what made me the most upset was that I had doubted myself so much after never hearing from her. But if it was bad, she wouldn’t have valued it that much higher when reselling her. This is the baby


I had a woman that was had ordered some dolls from me. Finished and shipped the first 2 then on the third she kept changing what she wanted. Come to find out she was selling my dolls as custom orders. Cancelled that very quickly. I am ok if they want to sell but only if you give credit to the artist. Not pretend it is your own work. And just because they posted at a higher price does not mean it sold for that price. You never know what the final transaction was.


I would definitely feel upset and ask myself why did I accept a lower price. It happened to me before with a bald Landon, they got $50 more when reselling it
Not much but still, $50 for a second hand doll instead of even fresh from the nursery…


That baby is beautiful. Your work is beyond average… and I totally get the thoughts that would run through your mind after not hearing from her at all. Been there, done that too. Always worried that they weren’t happy or something.

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That baby is above average. You should definitely raise your prices.


I think it is uncomfortable!!! I know it will happen but sigh

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I used to think this way too. But the reality is, there are plenty of cheap Reborns out there for people who can’t afford expensive ones. I want everyone to have a car too, but not necessarily a Lamborghini. There are so many newbies, trying to make a dollar. It doesn’t help them if high quality dolls are super cheap. It helps newbies when we allow them to have the budget minded customers. And we all have occasional boo boo babies that those customers can buy, if they don’t want newby dolls. Our great dolls should command higher prices. It actually keeps the market fair. I’ve also noticed that with my dolls $350 and under, people try to talk me down even lower. List a doll for $400+ and people are willing to pay the whole amount, although they may request layaway. (I’m usually fine with that.) List a doll for $500+ and people just buy, no questions asked.


As you know it bugs the hell out of me. I feel aggravated every time I see a resale listing.

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Julie, your work is far above average! Oh my goodness, I am lucky enough to have seen your babies in person and they are sheer perfection.

I will NEVER forget holding your Levi and how lovely and REAL he felt in my arms. :two_hearts:

I know, I know, I hear you “Stop it, Karen, you’re gushing again” but I’ve been really GOOD and just couldn’t hold it in any longer! :smile::blush::heart_eyes:


That used to happens to me quite a lot.( I haven’t painted in a while) I don’t mind. BECAUSE … I know my pictures are not great and I don’t do social media … so my marketing is lacking. If they want to put the effort into pics and marketing… go ahead. I hate the marketing part. I’m just trying to make babies and enjoy.
Facebook and such would totally ruin it for me. As would paying huge fees on eBay.
I don’t price my dolls high, but I charge what I’m good with getting so it works out. :+1:t2::heart::grinning:


That is nonsens. This bonding nonsens

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I think you should start asking for more, as well. Your babies are awesome and if people are getting more for them as “used” babies, you should rethink how much you charge.
Maybe I need to ask for more too…its not like I don’t put a lot of, not only money, but my blood, sweat, and tears into them. I realise that I think too little of my work and need to stop being so critical. Also though, Im like you, I don’t want to change so much that only a select few can afford my babies.
I know of a couple of my dolls being resold but I don’t know how much they got for them.


I hate it when this happens. I know logically that once I sell a doll, the buyer can do whatever they want with it as it then becomes “their” property, but it still irks me. I’ve had customers negotiate down to a lower price than I was asking- and I accepted because I feel like my work must be only worth what they offer and I must be overcharging- and then turn around and resell it for more than they paid. It’s very annoying!