How do you achieve this?

Can anyone tell me how to achieve this skin texture? It looks so nicely 3-D. I’d like to learn how to do it.

Not my photo. But great job
the actual artists who did this.



Once I read somewhere that you apply matt varnish and you bake it right away you don’t wait until is dry.
a while ago macphersons had a skin texture tool but I have no idea what the doll looks like when that was used

When I used Genesis sealers, I mixed thinning medium with some dewy skin, I think 1:1, and pounced it on with a cosmetic wedge that had the end torn off. Then I baked it before it dried.

Interesting, I’ll have to try this mix. What is the thought behind baking before it is dry.

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Baking before it dries allows it to appear a little more dewy looking. But it is an effect that mostly appears when photographed.

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I wish there was an air dry way to achieve this. It looks amazing.

There is


Car wash sponge and ghsp matte/satin mix

Thick medium will do it too but I think that one is too textured for my liking


You mean just the texture not the white dry areas right? I mix GHSP satin and thick medium for heavy texture. I’ve tried all different sponges but I get the best texture with these cheap craft ones. On areas I want a more subtle texture I use a torn cosmetic wedge. I also bake right away, the longer you let it sit the less texture you end up with. Certain areas I want super heavy texture I’ll use straight thick medium. After I’m done with texture I do a very thinned layer of matte varnish, almost the same consistency as my paint. If you do a regular matte varnish over it will hide a lot of the texture

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Yes, that’s right, just the texture of the skin. Thanks for the info and the pictures.

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Wow, that looks amazing! How do you do it with air dry?

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It’s liquitex ultra matt medium pounced on with a torn sponge.


Thank you!

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Your welcome, it needs to be done as the last layer after all the painting but before varnish.


Oh good now I have a use for that stuff!

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