How difficult is it

To make a toddler? What would be the main differences from making the smaller dolls?

I know obviously bigger heads (more hair) and more body to paint.

I’ve been asked to do Arianna. I have no idea what to charge (don’t know how much it will cost in stuffing and glass beads) or how much shipping will be (of even HOW to package her up and ship

I didn’t find it any more difficult, it just took longer to bake because she didn’t all fit in the oven at once. I enjoy the toddlers quite a bit actually. Mine weighed 8 lbs, so not too heavy but heavy enough lol I don’t know about shipping because I sold her locally so her new mom picked her up. I would charge materials + time + layette cost and add in shipping. She didn’t take very long to root, but I root quickly anyway. I spent 4 days on her head


It is no more difficult. As you said, more to paint and to root. Longer to bake due to large parts needing baked separately. I only made mine 8 pounds, and just used a bigger box to ship, with doll in a sitting pose, if that makes sense.


I have not done a toddler yet but I want to, my question is, how do you root a toddler? It would need to be different then the newborns right?

I would use human hair for a Toddler.

I used human hair for my toddler

I have only made one, Gabriella.

Painting was easier because older babies don’t have all the mottling (you do use more paint). You also have to weight the baby differently, no glass in head or arms and you will need to make an armature so the head will stay up and the arms can pose. I used foam wrapped wire and styro easter eggs.