How are the new kits?

Just wondering if the new kits arriving are better than they have been. There’s several I want to paint but I’m nervous about ordering.


I got an Elijah and he looks fine. I don’t know when or where it was bought but I got from…I can’t remember who on here. I also just ordered another Sandy Faber from McPherson’s. I’ll let you know in a couple days when I get it if it is ok.

You have a better chance of not getting ones with paint on them if you buy firsts from BB
I think there are still some left behind from the faulty shipment.


I bought Jade and a few limbs during the sale in July, they seem to be okay.


So the ones that are just being stocked are probably better, you think?


They are supposed to be, yes.

I havent heard any complaints with the newly restocked kits on the site.


That’s great. Glad they’ve gotten it straightened out.


All the first kits are fine no issues with the pairing :+1:

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So far haven’t noticed any issues with my 2nds 3 year June. Starting her Monday so I will definitely update if I run across any problems. On the plus side the flanges definitely seem more sturdy so I really do not see any issues with keeping the limbs on the body where they belong lol.

I got Sage asleep today x 2. I did not take them out to inspect yet but they looked fine in the bags.

I ordered a first kit of Ruby, I’m praying it comes ok, I wouldn’t buy any seconds kits though