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I found some supplies at Walmart that may work for reborning but I want some honest opinions about whether or not anyone would use these on their dolls.


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I have those paint brushes and similar paint dish (except mines comes with a clear lid. I think I got it from a craft store). I make my own mottling sponge out of cosmetic wedges. ((I use GHSP.))

I’ve used all of those products with my air dry paints. They work just fine for me.


I plan on using GHSPs whenever I begin reborning but they are just so inexpensive I thought why not??

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I don’t know where the glass pallet came from. I use Genesis and I use plastic measuring cups for my paint. So I imagine the plastic pallet would work, although I normally mix larger amounts of paint than that pallet can hold.

The rest can be used…although the brushes aren’t the best. Be careful of bristles falling out. You may want to invest in better brushes because of that. Drove me nuts finding brush bristles on my doll so I tossed the cheapie brushes.

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What kind of brushes would be good brushes? Is there a certain brand? Thank you all for this great information.

I use a ton of different brushes. Filbert brushes, mop brushes, ect.
I go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby when they have good coupons for them. :slight_smile:

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I use genesis and often use a plastic pallet just like that one. I second the advice not to use brushes that are too cheap. My favorite brushes are an Artists Loft set I got at Michaels. They were relatively inexpensive ($12 for a large set) and they’ve never lost bristlesfor me yet. I also like that they’re white, because I always use the same brush for each color (the paint stains the bristles slightly).

I use those paint brushes

Thank you all so much! I’ll be looking into all that!

I’ve never liked the effect of sea sponges (I use plucked cosmetic wedges) but those are so cheap, if you don’t like them you could use them for bathing or cleaning!

I have a bunch of palettes, but usually find myself using ceramic or glass plates from the thrift store. Easier to mix big batches of color for washes, and I have a small 10-well palette for detail colors.

Generally speaking, brushes that are sold individually are usually pretty good. Anything with sable hair will be lovely. Sable is a natural fiber and will hold up longer over time, but synthetic brushes are cheaper. So really you could just replace them every once in a while.

Some of my brushes are 15+ years old and still as good as the day I bought them- thanks to quality and proper care. Worth the investment :blush:

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I use genesis paints and i have some plastic pallets but I like to use the ceramic best because the paint does not dry out as fast and you can usually add some thinner if it does dry.
I think each artist has their own favorites after trial and error.

For sure, they are perfectly fine for reborning! I bought one of those Folk Art variety brush sets when I first started. They aren’t the best brushes but, they are a good inexpensive alternative until you can stock up on quality brushes. I now use mine for mixing paint :art: I’ve also heard several reborn artists use the elf makeup brushes. When I first started, I also took advantage of every 50%-60% off coupon from Michael’s and bought a brush or two every weekend.

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