Home from Kansas!

I am pooped but happy! I got into Atlanta about 9pm and was picked up by hubby after I got my baggage then we drove home arriving here about 11 pm. The show was so much fun! I got to see several of the BB ladies and chat and got hugs! My friend Janan Duncan did very well at her table and I had a blast helping her sell. I made purchase too of 2 little silicone blank babies to paint, a NuWave oven cover for when I heat set paint on vinyl kits, 2 baby outfits and 2 mini bottles. It was like being away a summer camp as a kid. We laughed, we ate good food, we stayed up late and talked and we didn’t get enough sleep! I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow since I do not have to go to work!


What a fun weekend!!!

Sounds like an amazing adventure. Kinda little jealous :grin:

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