Holy Cow 14 new kits comming!

Girls save your tax money cause BB is comming out with !4 more new kits in april/may !!! BB you all have really been out doing your selfs with the new kits youve been putting out -No kit anywhere could have more detail than Libby !!!And the toddlers are sooooo darn cute we cant waite to do them !!!To see the names of the new babes go to out of stock kits

[size=14]I am so excited to see them. Does anyone know when we will see pics?? I hope they have some newborns. [/size]

There’s another of Denise’s sculpts on eBay. Really cute. Looks alot like one of the minis.

I just found out that several of these new babies are 30 toddlers!!! WOO-HOO!!!