Holding out for show

Ok. So, I am doing a local art and craft show here in October. I have a booth and am super excited. Now, I don’t expect to sell many babies and those that I do sell will probably be on the lower end of the reborn price scale if I had to guess. I have several babies made that came from inexpensive kits so that I could price them lower. My problem is, I don’t NEED the money now, but October seems a long way off for babies to just sit in my nursery. I guess what I’m really doing is asking for advice. Should I list them all and just take the ones that don’t sell to the craft show, or should I continue to hold some back?


I’d list one or two of them now and if they sell then buy more kits to take with you. If they don’t, bring them


Hold some back

I thought “what ever doesn’t sell before ROSE I will take” and listed them until Feb… I think… they all sold.

I was hoping Jenni chimed in on this thread. I’ve noticed her holding hers back for Rose. Last year at the show she sold quite a few. I know you arent talking about Rose but you might be surprised how much interest you will have a regular craft show.

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I did this a few years ago. I held back about 10 that I made from cheap kits and didn’t add too many layers, they had prisma hair and were lightly weighted. I deliberately made them budget babies because I figured I wouldn’t sell many at a general craft fair, especially if they were more pricey. I sold a few and listed the rest right after the show at a little bit higher price. They all sold for Christmas.

Elizabeth, where is the show that you participate in?

If it were me I’d list them and then the ones that were still available at that time I’d bring but in the meantime I’d hustle up and work on the babies as much as I could


In Hogansville. It’s the Hummingbird Festival :slight_smile:

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Wow, it’s only 52 min away from where I am. We probably will come to visit and meet you. Too bad I will not have enough babies to participate.


It is in October. You have time :slight_smile:

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You are right, however seems that October far away, but it’s only 3.5 mo away and I have two trips planned, and I am a slow painter.
Web said that they take booth application till 10/1, so I’ll see how is my ‘production’ will go. I am also concerned about the weather since it’s outside. But I guess babies can always be stored in a plastic containers quickly in case of the bad weather.
In any case, I am looking forward to meet you :slight_smile:

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I so hope that i can meet you there. Make sure to bring one of your babies at least! I am dying to see one :smile:

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Definitely, but it will be so much fun to participate!