Hmmmm Americus prototype teaser pic

I bet this pic from LLE site is an Americus teaser pic of the prototype photos… just saw it while surfing her site. OMGoodness I can’t wait to see more!!!


Well, it says prototype 4 so maybe we will get to see a few versions of her.

Such a tease!!! More mire!


I can’t wait to order

I’m about to be soooooo grounded. I’m sorry. So not sorry. Lol


LOVE that hair…oh my…I want to see more!!!

Ok care to guess the artist then? Just by the hair. Lol

Kat Magastri? Spelling? Lol I’ve seen the pic on FB but can’t remember if Kat is the one who did it. :flushed:

Ahhh Izzy, her name is on the pic under prototype # . And you are correct.

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Oh haha I didn’t even see that! But I do want to see her face! :smiley:

Me too.

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I really want to see some better facial shots of Americus. I don’t know if I love her yet or not. I know I love those limbs!! :heart:

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I was just thinking that the other day…most of them seem to be at an angle and I love some angles and then others im on the fence about. :grin:

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Exactly! I want a strait on full frontal look at her. Then I will know instantly!


I want to see the face too!

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@Thestarcatcher post the pic!! :heart:️:heart:️

Thank you! :kiss:

Seriously… This will be a keeper!

It’s a beautiful baby, but I’m not sure I’m loving the face.

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I’m with you! I love Kat’s work but I’m sold on the face