High school babies

It’s my favorite day of the year…bring your reborn to work day!

I wanted to share my mohair business experience with my high school students, and what better way to introduce the story than greeting them at the door holding Tallulah?! :joy:

I brought this lil’ one as well (WIP), and they’ve named her Camilla. Both babies attended their first pep rally, in the arms of responsible teenage babysitters.

The reactions in the halls from students and adults…priceless!


That’s awesome!
Was anyone weirded out or afraid of them?

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What a fun day! This little one looks amazing, what sculpt is it?

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Oh yes, a whole spectrum of emotions! A few people were too weirded out and couldn’t come close. An adult literally jumped back a few feet and said “oh, no!” :joy: One kid was mad at me for tricking her. A few were completely enamored, including three boys who held one the entire class period (doing art one-handed!) Most thought they were cool and weird, which is always a winning combination in my room. Then there were the shenanigans like this one! Guest appearance by our classroom mannequin, Edna :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Super fun! The sculpt is Yona by Christa Gotzen. I love the sweet little face, and it was super realistic from the beginning. But the vinyl on the arms and legs has some weird textures that are difficult to cover. I’m keeping this one, so I don’t really mind. But just a heads up :blush:


That is an awesome idea!

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