Hi there!

Newbie here! My name is Oakley im fairly new to reborns but not so new to dolls i collected “haunted” dolls up until last year…whole new ballgame there but was on ebay looking for a realistic doll for my kid sister came along reborns my first impression was ok this is creepy cool i gotta have one lol!! So from then on ive been looking for the right one so anyways i found this forum hope its ok i joined i look forward to meeting all :slight_smile:


Welcome! Are you an artist too? What kind of baby are you looking for- alternative, or realistic?

I can draw stick figures but thats about it haha😂 im hoping for alternitive.


Welcome you came to the right place we have some great Artist’s here. @MoonlitNightNursery makes great alternatives there are a few others also but my mind is drawing a blank. Lol some of the others will come around soon and tag a few others I’m sure.


Welcome to the forum - you will find a variety of doll makers here :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum!


Welcome!!! Lol My mother takes price on her stick figures. However the fact that you apeciate the art make you aesthetes. It takes a sertain type of person to see art as art and we truthly apreciate people like you. :heart:

I truly envy you all i mean to take a blank canvas or kit if you will and completely turn it into this amazing piece of art its just mind blowing it almost brings tears to my eyes lol its amazing!


Welcome to the forum, @dollyheaven! :relaxed:

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Welcome! Hey! Search for moonlight nursery! You will go nuts!

Thank you for the shout out, girl!!! :kissing_heart:



Welcome! Yes, @MoonlitNightNursery does awesome work! @WillowsWeeOnes has a vampire baby on rebornS.com too. I tried to do a link but it didn’t work :confused:


Welcome! Glad to have you.

Welcome Oakley. you will love the forum and get lots of wonderful info. The spyglass in the top right hand corner is your friend----learn to use it and you will have all the info you will need!!

Hi & Welcome :blush:


Welcome :blush:! Hope to see some of your work in the future :grinning:

Hi Oakley!!

Welcome to BB!!!