Hi Ladies! Please show me your Harper by Andrea Arcello

I’m looking for inspiration and ideas on different ways Harper has been painted in the past. Please post pics of yours so I can take a look please. Thanks!

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@pia is the only one I know of on here that has done Harper. That kit is sold out hard to find and very expensive if you do. I can’t speak for others but I could not afford to paint one even if I wanted to lol. Google images of Harper may be a better option. Can’t wait to see what you do with him/her.

Here are my Harper babies


Are the bottom 2 babies Maize?


I thought they were Harper? I confused them.lol

Pia they are Harper babies. I used different limbs.

I bought one and oh boy, I just don’t think about how much I paid for it. I’m looking for the correct body and an option for a belly/ chest plate for it as well. I’m so excited and both nervous all at the same time to paint this kit. I just don’t want to mess it up.

The top two are Harper the bottom two are Maizie but they are both by Andrea Arcello that’s why they favor.
Maizie’s top gum does not show Harper’s does. Both are beautiful kits.


Here’s the Harper I created as AA.


Thsnks everyone! Did anyone use a belly plate?