Hi! I just ordered my first kit!

I ordered Lucy by Marissa May!:slight_smile: Show me yours?:slight_smile:


Welcome. Beware, itโ€™s addicting. :blush:

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Already looking for my second kit and havenโ€™t recieved my first yet LOL i think i have the reborn kit bug

Thank you!

I just started in March, have painted 10 babies and have about 10 extra kits. When I see one that I want to do in the future, (BB) and itโ€™s on sale, I buy it and get the bodies later. It is so so addicting and exciting watching each kit come to life, lol. Donโ€™t get discouraged as you are going along, ask questions everyone is very nice and helpful. I have not painted Marissa May.

Here is mine a did her a long time ago


She is beautiful! Is she really as tiny as she looks? I love smaller babies.

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She is around 20" like a newborn baby

You know as sad as it might sound i didnt even read the size i just saw her on sale and bought her lmbo i tell ya im already hooked just bought three more help! Lol


:joy:the good thing is that you started at a great time with all those kits on sale.

I think sheโ€™s more proportionate on an 18 inch body because sheโ€™s so delicate.

Hi, welcome to your new addiction!! Lol