Hi from Texas!

Im Sophia. 35. Recently came across reborns and being brought up from a art loving family i had to try this out. I will be choosing to wait on the Lavendar sculpt to be available before purchasing the kit and I’m currently looking for a list of art supplies.


Welcome to the forum, beware this art form is very addicting and we all are enablers. Here is a topic that may help you to get started! Click on the spy glass on the top right and type in the kind of help you may need.



Welcome to this amazing art form… be prepared to get addicted to making these beautiful babies. Lavender is a beautiful baby and a great sculpt to start with!

What part of Texas are you in, Sophia? I am just west of Fort Worth

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Welcome to the forum!!

Oh I already am addicted! LOL. I spent the majority of the day checking out all the sculpts and writing a full page on all the sculpts I want to own. I wish I found this art form earlier!


I actually am in Fort Worth! How neat.

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Thank you dear.

Hey Sophia! My name is Tiffany and I recently started learning as well. I wanted to make one doll for my birthday in January and now I’m hooked. They are not kidding when they say it’s addicting! Have fun gathering your supplies. Can’t wait to see your Lavendar!

That is so cool! I live just north of Aledo… we will need to link up at some point!

Hahaha!!! I already had five kits to be painted and then accidentally bought a sleeping Dominic when he was on sale. I daydream about the expensive kits too :slight_smile: and it’s like waiting for Santa when I try to sleep after perusing kits online!

Hello and welcome to the forum and the art.

Just a quick warning there is a post limit for new members of the forum so if you become unable to post or reply that is why. I think it is like 10 or something…

(at least that is how it used to be)

While waiting to order your kit if you have not already done so you might enjoy Reborn with me. Kim can teach you a thing or two on what you might need. Reading the post here on the forum is another way of learning everyone is so helpful. Occasionally there will be a forum member saleing thing that’s good to watch for. Welcome to the addiction.


I know what you mean, reborning/newborning has been around for a while. 2 years for me and still learning.

Will you be using air dry or heat set paints? I started with air dry and still use them. I like them because it’s faster when you don’t have to keep baking and cooling before adding another layer. They don’t need a lot of special mediums. Also, you don’t need an oven, there are no fumes and it doesn’t affect your utility bill. Some people have trouble transitioning from Genesis to air dry. I think people are most comfortable with what they start with. Make sure you show us your first baby. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome Sofia!! Lavender is wonderful to start off with! I think a lot of us are going to be ordering her kit. I live in Florida :slight_smile: it’s good to have you here. Can’t wait to see your reborn :two_hearts:

Im hoping for air dry due to the fumes. I stay with my mother taking care oh her due to health problems and I don’t want to irritate her lungs. She has COPD. I am familiar with air dry paints as I also use them to decorate around the house. Well that just made it sound like a 2 year old painting walls. Lol. No. I’m into painting old figurines and such. Give them a new life so to speak. I’ve been watching YouTube videos but all I’ve seen were heat set. I’m sure once I start I will get the hang of it and learn by mistakes. I learn best by jumping in instead of tutorials I am just mainly trying to see what all goes into making them.

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Hi Sophia, welcome to the forum and the crazy reborn addiction!! You have picked a nice kit to start with I’m sure you will be very pleased when you finish your first baby. A little advice, take your time, go slow, don’t rush even if you can’t wait to see your first baby finished. By being patient you will have a much nicer finished baby. Oh, and another thing, keep your first baby so you will always have something to compare your future work with, you’ll be surprised how quickly you get better. Welcome, and good luck with your new hobby journey!!

Oh, post pictures as you finish babies, we love pictures!! And another thing, if you get stuck anywhere along the way never be afraid to ask questions, we were all beginners at one time!!

Just make sure to use professional, archival paints. You don’t want them fading or coming off after all your hard work. I use Liquitex but there are other good ones out there. I like that I can just go buy them at Michael’s and they don’t need a lot of special mediums. I use Americana Decor Soft Touch Varnish to seal.

Hi! Welcome welcome! I’m in Fort Worth too! :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Well that sounds like a Ft Worth Dolly Day waiting to happen! :wink: