Hi Everyone! :) Opinion: Badges? and Category Colors?


Does having the different colors help to quickly find the latest posts in a specific category by identifying the color?


The badges mostly help to identify what type of user you are. This is not for ‘high fives!’ or ‘good jobs!’. But they help to identify and filter users as ‘regular’, ‘staff’, ‘editor’, etc. I can remove the badge system.

A few have asked about a list of members that shows when they joined and how many posts they’ve made. You can search any users username (or name, if they’ve put in that information on the their profile) by clicking the :mag_right: in the top righthand side of the page. If you view a users profile, on the right side you can see, when they joined, when they last posted and when they were last on the forum (seen).

On the leftside menu, you can see how many topics, posts, likes, etc. that users has made.

You can view this information on a users profile, without the badges system. A badge is simply a group of users that can be viewed quickly and see when they last posted.

Well mine says I joined July 4 2014 which is not true. I have been on the BB board ever since the opening of the original board. I remember when I joined Avery had just been released as a new vinyl sculpt by Denise Pratt. So I have been around here a very long time, LOL! I think those dates got lost when the first board was shut down or moved, I can’t remember which. So now here I am with the 3rd change. I really wish it did reflect my real date of membership or at least the last one on record before this last move.

I tried and tried to log in under my old user name. I think i am pretty computer literate for the most part anyway. Built 2 different ones… nothing and I mean nothing i did would ever let me log in. or send to get a new password. They even set me a password and told me to reset once i got in still a no go. So rejoined different user name I was jlane1961 am now judylane1961 so not much different but some. I am still on the learning curve over new board as only rejoined a few days ago… but seems harder to navigate at least for now.


Personally - I like this board and have no trouble navigating. Maybe I am just not doing too many complicated things.


That’s exactly how I feel too. It just looks too busy for my eyes and mind. You addressed everything I’ve been thinking and feeling. Thank you.


no to colors and no to badges. What I would like to see is a spot that says “members” that can be opened and I can see ALL the members listed and I can view them by number of posts or alphabetically or reverse alphabetically. Having to know the “log on” name for a member in order to be able to find her to send a message is just too inconvenient and I mostly knew who everyone was by their signature pictures that no longer exist. I have managed to figure out how to get notifications. You have to select “watch”


The LATEST tab, sort of does this, It just shows it in ‘latest activity’ list order; and you can see what category the topic belongs to. However, I think the most similar to the old forum would be the CATEGORIES tab. Where it shows you a list of categories (as it did on the old forum when you first logged in).

All I can say is that it took me half an hour to figure out how to private message. I still can’t figure out how to post pictures. It is totally frustrating for me to navigate this new forum. I scrolled for 15 minutes to try to get to the bottom of the page to delete unread messages, and finally gave up. As Calimel says, Emily you are a very nice person, but I’m not happy with this forum.


I miss the old format and wish we could just go back – it worked fine, why change it??? I don’t care for this one at all. Not a friendly feel around here like we used to have. I’ve been here for years and years and really don’t enjoy coming here any more.

Badges, colors…whatever…means nothing to me. I’d like to be able to have our siggy’s back and not have to work so hard to find a topic.


Hi Beth, We have been so busy with the Realborns. I apologize for your wait.

When we first switched to this new format there was something called the ‘Badge’ System. Not many people liked it and we made the decision to remove that system. It had very little point or use.

Let me know if this helped.

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