Hi Everyone. Its been a while

Hi lovely ladies. I haven’t been on this forum in so long can’t wait to go to the WIP section and see what you guys been working on. I have been recovering from major hip surgery on top of taking care of a busy 15 month old that I haven’t been able to check in. Anyway just saying hi :wink:


Hi, thanks for stopping in. Glad you are recovering well. Hope you are back to baby making soon

Hi! Glad to see you back! Hope you will be 100% recovered very soon and will be back on the forum regularly!

Thank u hard journey but hopefully soon I miss it :slight_smile:

Thank you. I hope so as well… So many WIP or finish products from u guys :slight_smile:

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Hip surgery and 15 month baby - you are Superwoman! Good to hear that you are doing well.

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Lol I feel like it sometime… Lol thank you

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