Hey there is a kit of the day!

It’s painted bindi but hey it’s a kit…on sale :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Well kind of a kit lol


Wow and did you see the price raise on all the kits?? :sob:


Noooo I didn’t even check! When did that happen? Did we get a new president lol


I saw the prices change yesterday so it recent

@bountifulbaby why kit prices going up?


Im sure they thought long and hard before raising prices, but with everything going on and putting in smaller orders (smaller orders cost more per item then larger orders) they still have the best prices


I’m sure they put it off as long as they could but with having low stock and late shipments they gotta pay bills and employees somehow


True but this will drive me to the le’s more and more…for not much higher pricing. Plus I can put them on layaway…win win.


I’ve noticed that the available kits prices went up. Now $64+. I hope this isn’t permanent. I won’t be able to shop! I don’t Really see how covid delays this much when All the other stores have so much in stock. I just hope BB isn’t in financial trouble. Preventing them from restock. They make realism adorable.

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This is going to put me out from buying here. The kits are 60 minimum, add a body and shipping if you only need or can afford one kit. I’d rather spend it on a LE including a body and shipping.


I’m hoping it’s temporary!! I’ve never shopped Macpherson because the regular kits look more like dolls and the realistic kits I can’t afford. But I like BB not just affordability but there realborns. Just have to wait and see. :frowning:

Geesh! I just ordered a LE kit because for the few dollars more it is LE kit. I am glad I have a stash because on a fixed income I can’t afford to be purchasing many kits. I wonder why they didn’t announce the price increase with an explanation? I always buy the sale kits or sale bodies.


Wow, they are getting very close in price to Macpherson and Irrisistable, and I do love the Realborns but the lower prices was a big part of buying. Now people will have more choices with the higher kits and we have to sell them at a higher price, and unfortunately some people tend to think BB kits need to be cheaper. When they see a BB is priced close to a LLE or Bonnie Brown baby they are going to go towards the LLE , Bonnie Brown…ect. To be honest I love BB realborn kits, and being able to sell the baby at a better price for customers was nice.


Hmmm. Well they didn’t jump that much in price but I think I will probably be buying more LE kits now. If you choose a realborn kit for $65 plus the body at $15.95 and add the $9.95 shipping, that adds up to $90.90. Some LE kits are $99 with free shipping.

Not that I will completely stop buying BB kits because I won’t. I will still buy especially if I am buying other things but I will probably start using other retailers more than I have in the past. I’m sure once their stock gets back to normal, they will start having sales again as well so that will help. BB has always been good to us when it comes to that.


I buy what I like! Sculpts, realborns, LE and SOLE. Unfortunately for me I can’t seem to bring myself to paint SOLE or even LEs because I can’t readily get another one.

BB has been so good to us offering a variety of sales and beautiful affordable kits and now when things get tough y’all be like “see ya!” Thanks for nothin and act like they’re being stingy because they have to raise their prices to keep up with the economy. They went up what… $5 for realborns over 18” way to show your support :disappointed:

I think maybe BB raising their prices will put finished babies in a higher price range. Realborns are special because they are scans of real babies. Which makes them unique. Maybe BB should raise prices even more and make them all LE :thinking: then they be making big bucks cause everyone would be scrambling to get kits before they sell out. But because BB makes they readily available they are as worthy of investment? Yes I understand collectors like the LE and SOLE but since I will probably never have that kind of collector interested in any dolls I sell it doesn’t affect me :wink:

I hope that came out right :thinking:


Just the few dollars made in shipping per box last year makes an impact. $10 more per kit, that’s gonna hurt!

$10 more per kit? They went from $59 to $64 I’m confused


Here’s a solution. Don’t buy from BB. They don’t have enough kits for everyone anyway. Leave their stash for the grateful customers who want to make sure BB stays in business. But bashing them on their own forum for going up $5 in order to stay in business…that’s not necessary.


It would have been nice to have a warning on the price increase.

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In all fairness Kat, not everyone can make and sell dolls that deserve prototype prices like you do. So any increase hurts because for instance, although I do my best and don’t make shortcuts in my work, I can’t increase and get the price.

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But is $5 going to break you? If so, it might be time to leave the hobby. But will $5 per kit help BB pay their employees and keep their business going? Yes. And I’m sure they thought long and hard before making this decision. They have gone out of their way to try to keep offering sales, even when their stock didn’t warrant a kit of the day sale. I have not seen any other business try so hard to keep offering savings to their customers at their own expense. The fact that they had to raise their prices and had to stop the kit of the day should be making us all want to support them even more. It’s a clear sign that their business is struggling. :confused: