Here is more updates on my 10 inch kit

Ok she is almost completed with her rooting ,her head is still not attach just yet ,but I wanted to see how cute she would look sucking her thumb ,I open her mouth :lips:,so that way she can take a full pack and able to suck her thumb ,will continue to finish her rooting next week ,I thought I will have her ready by this week ,but not yet ,she still needs hair in the other side if her head ,but we are almost done phew :sweat_smile:.

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Braver than meโ€ฆ I wonโ€™t cut the vinyl

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Iโ€™d be careful with cutting the vinyl. It can easily split open further. Most artists wonโ€™t cut the mouths for that reason.



Sheโ€™s come a long way oxox

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Thank you :blush: