Here I go again......Kit ID please

Can someone please tell me who this little cutie is…I have to have him :relaxed:


I wonder how that curved under leg looks in other poses. His face is amazingly beautiful though.

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Reese was one of my faves when I started looking into reborns…it’s a shame he’s long sold out.


Oh Good Grief! Why is it every time I find an “instant love” sculpt it’s always something ancient and sold out? It’s like Lola the Chimp all over again lol.


Eh, not quite as elusive as Lola lol! It’s very possible you’ll find one. Just the other week I saw a lady selling her Reese for $125. I can contact her for you if you want!

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Actually I’m on a site now that has quite a few of them in stock. I’m looking to see if she has any other long lost babies that I like before I order. Thanks Izzy


Which site is that?

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oh this kit is so cute <3

Nicky Creation

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I’ve bought from her before.

I bought a kit on ebay the day after Thanksgiving from a seller called “nickycreation,” is this the same person? If so, I didn’t even know she had another site until today when I was searching for this kit. If they’re the same person, she doesn’t have him listed on her ebay store and the ebay person ships from the US in Florida. The site I found today has all the prices in Euros. Does anyone know if this is the same person?

Here’s the ebay store Nicky Creation/fineartisticdolls

My Lelou Wosnjuk came from her.

I think I might have a Reese kit some where in my cupboard !! Do you want me to take a look ?? I remember ordering two of them and only remember reborning one of them !! Now I am curious !! LoL !! Jean

Oh yes please, if it isn’t too much trouble :smile:

Hello. . . . No problem , I just went down to my Dollie room and started going thru all my bins in the closet and yes , I do have one left . It is still all wrapped in the original packaging and has a COA stating he is 906/1000 . I would be willing to sell him if you like . I can take some photos of the blank kit for you As well . Just email me at Jean@babyboutique and we can chat further if you are interested . Thanks Jean


Oops my email is

Ohhhhh how exciting! That’s great news!

Nicky creation has their own website as well. There are more kits listed there than on ebay She also has a Facebook account. If you “Like” her Facebook page, you get her kits on sale for $62.00

She changes the specials everyday. Her name is Sylvia . She’s very nice and ships very fast and provides tracking almost immediately .

I’ve bought various kits from her.

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Here’s a Reese on Ebay:

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Thank you Shannon :smile: