Help with root

Help with the root
I have just started rooting my reborn, but the hair has a strange effect they are all in the air, if I do not bathe them with water, they go where they want
What can I do to fix it?

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First of all, start rooting dolls from the bottom of the scalp, slowly getting towards the crown. Try to root the hair closer to each other and not in random places. Point your needle at an angle to make the hair lay flat.


Have a browse through YouTube and search for some rooting tutorials there is a lot of good material in there. Also Bountiful Baby has a rooting dvd on sale today.


What brand of hair are you using? That can make a difference, too. What size needles are you using and how many barbs do they have? As @RebornOB said, start at the bottom and work your way up.

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Well, first I would suggest you cut your hair into shorter pieces (to conserve hair) and start at the bottom and work towards the top so the hair will lay down onto itself (just like ours does). Lay your needle close to the vinyl so the hair is rooted into the vinyl on a severe slant that way it will lay down. Rooting takes lots of patience and practice! You’ll get it.


Yip!! Start at the back!! :slight_smile: Don’t do what I did…I stated at the crown, then went to the front because I was bored, then watched a video and realized I should have started at the back. I had a head of matted hair by the time I was done. Then of course had to brush the matted mess with a tooth brush an lots of conditioner which brought me back to an almost bald baby again lol. Now I read on here or search YouTube for videos before I start something lol.

First you need to make a map of the pattern you want on the hair. I use a white prisma pencil for this and erase the lines with medium or water as I go. Hair will stand up if you root it straight downwards. Slightly slant the hair so it lays a bit closer to the head. I use a little bit of water as I go. I dip my finger in the water and lightly smooth the hair that I have rooted as I go.There is really no set place to start, it is what is easiest for you. Sometimes I start at the crown, other times I do the sides first and occasionally I start at the back. As long as you have a pattern to go along with you are okay.