Help with repainting factory dolls

So I bought the dolls from Walmart that I mentioned before and I stripped them the best I could with acetone. Then I wiped them down well with rubbing alcohol. I usually wash kits with dish soap and hot water before painting but the limbs on these guys don’t come off. And instead of messing with it and getting new bodies and trying to figure out how to attach the limbs, I just plan on painting them while attached (since they are for a 7 year old and a 3 year old). Do you think the alcohol is enough to remove the acetone and anything else that will affect the paint? Or am I gonna have to figure out some way to wash them?

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Which Walmart dolls are they?

These guys!

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Are the head and limbs sewn on?

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The limbs are

You could probably wash them with hot water, Dawn and a toothbrush and rinse carefully. If the fabric near the limbs gets wet, dry it with a hair dryer.


Thank you!

I used acetone yesterday on a limb and then wiped with 90% alcohol several times, then put a layer of medium. I use Golden acrylic paints, had absolutly no issues​:smiley::sweat_smile:.

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