Help with please!

I have put the glass beads up to ankles and wrists and stuffed the arms and one leg. The bent leg I cant seem to get stuffed tightly enough. How do you get stuffing down in there? Secondly, How do you weight that big ole body? How much weight do you use? Do you use one big bag/nylon or multiple? 2, 3,10, how many? I have done Cookie and Cuddles and don’t remember them being this tough. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

You can use the wooden end of a long paint brush to try and poke the stuffing over the knee - I haven’t done my big joe yet if that is who you are referring to - but I would use maybe three smaller bags for weighting over one big one - I use copper coated bbs to weight in the body ( put inside a rubber glove) they are heavier than they glass beads so it doesn’t take as much - welcome to the forum - post a pic when done -we love to ohh and aw over the babies lol

i usually use a large wooden dowel that i get at the dollar store to pack down the polyfil

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Who are you making?
I do beads to the elbows and knees then stuff.