Help with kit match

I need help does anyone know of a kit that matches this baby?


I’m thinking either Gracie or Honey.

I bought Gracie but she is small my baby weighted 9 lbs 11 oz at birth and was 21 in long.

I think she looks a lot like Lacey by Shawna Clymer


Thanks I agree with you I will look her up now.

Oh I looked her up and she is sold out but she is small only 20in and 13in head

I could totally see her as Nova by Cassie Brace.

Becca I think your right I’m gonna see if she is available thank you so much.

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Well I checked Macpherson she was a LE and she is sold out Nooooooo…Wow she would have been perfect she is even 23 in long so she’s a big baby,

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@925kathie You are very welcome!! I figured you would like her size. Don’t worry, she’s limited but I do see those kits for sale on the market second hand so I bet you’ll be able to find one! :slight_smile:

Thanks I’ll keep looking, I sent a message to Cassie to see if she is going to re release Nova. Or one that is similar. I know that Saskia’s kit was a LE but then it was re released I bought one yesterday. Did you notice that one of Nova eyes looks bigger then the other one.

Hi ladies I finished my look a like baby


And it’s perfect.Lovely baby and a very good match.

Pretty darn close! Did “Momma” approve?

Pia I am the mama I lost my daughter on march 9th this year she was 27 .


I am sorry to hear that. You did a wonderful job making the reborn.

Though nothing can replace your daughter,you have created a beautiful lasting memory of her.I know that you will treasure this doll.

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Thank You Mary Jane

Thank you Jenni

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