Help with Karman Dolls?

I am hoping someone can help me get some mohair, I’m in desperate need. I posted a while ago that I can’t order from Karman, regardless of if I use PayPal business or personal or Stripe in a link she sent me. I’ve tried all the cards I have and every single time it says: “to comply with international regulations this transaction is declined”.

I know not everyone is having the same issue and am hoping that someone who is able to order from her can place an order for me if I send them the money. I have purchased other mohair from a few other places and it’s all terrible :frowning:

Alternatively if someone has some that they want to just sell me that would be awesome also. I’m needing colors from dark blonde to medium brown

I have these I can sell you Emma. Let me know if any of these work for you. I can re weigh them as I might have used for eyelashes.


Those are perfect! I’ll PM you :slight_smile:

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Replied! :slight_smile:

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