Help with a buyer

Sold one of my babies yesterday to someone, so I thanked them for payment and said that I will ship as soon as payment clears my bank through PayPal.

I just got a message from the buyer saying “Why I didn’t do anything”


They’ve got 9 FB and it’s all good. The kicker is this, the FB they have left for others, it’s all the exact same thing and makes no sense at all:

])=@$ e%=? [’=I still e_@, t th> sThanks so much.Little Mr hollow wood how sweet

WHAT!!! I don’t get it. I messaged this person back with this:

You purchased my doll and I will be shipping it to you as soon as payment clears my bank.

I left it at that, not knowing really what else to say at this point.

I’d happily refund them and keep my doll. This is too weird. Right?!

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??? Very odd. Some kind of attack maybe???

I have no idea…what a weird FB to leave and for EVERY transaction?! Odd.

I don’t know if I should just refund her money and move on or if I should go ahead and ship the doll tomorrow when the money shows up in my bank.

I have to say reading that weird message has me kind of creeped out right now.

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Perhaps you should contact Ebay and see what they say might be going on.

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I think I will; I’m not going to go any further till I get some answers.

That message seriously creeped me out too! Weird!

I talked to my husband who is rather knowledgeable about these things. He says her email has been hacked. He doesn’t think it will mess up your paypal transaction. It just allows the hackers to do business using her email. He didn’t say this, but I would hesitate to do any emailing with her just in case. However, paypal is separate and very well protected. Still, contacting Ebay seems a safe thing to do. Stuff like this total wierds me out too.

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I kind of wonder if this isn’t something like that ~ this person is 69 yrs. old according to the white pages on Google. I feel like maybe her account has been hacked but of course I have no way of knowing for sure.

I’m waiting to see if she answers me and what she might have to say before I call Ebay. They, of course, are all for the buyer and she paid, so I’m sure I’ll get nowhere with them. Ugh. Some days I wonder…

What’s a charge back. I suspect I just call it something else but I don’t know the term.

A chargeback is when someone buys something and then months later they say it wasn’t them that authorized the transaction. You are left without the merchandise that you sent and they get a full refund that you the seller have to give back to them.

As soon as I read the feedback she is leaving, I thought the exact thing about a chargeback. I would not go through with this transaction. A chargeback can happen up to 180 days after purchase. Some can be longer depending on the CC company’s policy. You can help cover yourself by following all Paypal procedures for a chargeback(shipping to address on file and getting a signature confirmation). However, it is such a hassle when this happens. Best to sell to someone else that makes you feel more comfortable.


Oh no. That is a terrible scam. It really sounds like it’s possible. I am getting so leery of Ebay these days. If they’d just support the sellers a little better it wouldn’t be so bad but I am getting scared to list my dolls. Can that chargeback scam work through paypal? It seems like they would be able to tell who bought the item etc.?

I’ve had a chargeback before and even though I proved that I followed all the rules for shipping, etc. the buyer was given the refund, BUT I got my doll back. Doll was in lousy condition, but I re-reborned it and sold it for more money so it worked out but it was a big hassle to deal with all of that. I hate Evilbay but can’t seem to sell on Etsy or elsewhere so if I want to keep making dolls, I need to be able to get along on Ebay. Ugh.


Why didn’t she have to send the doll back if she got her money back. I don’t get it?


I don’t either. Isn’t that known as stealing?

The chargeback thing was Paypal not Ebay. I was told that if I had proof of a tracking number then they could help me. Nothing else would be enough proof for the credit card company. Three months had passed and I did not have it and Ebay did not have record of it any longer I had to give them a refund and I lost my doll. Always get tracking and keep a record for at least a year,

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It used to be.

Chargeback has nothing to do with PP or eBay, it is done by the CC provider. It will be done through the channel the purchase was made, but ultimately it is the bank that is taking the money. So does not matter where you sell, if the payment is done with CC, chargeback is possible. But, if you followed the rules, PP will protect you.

If person claims unauthorized transaction when the purchase was made by member of their family, it is a fraud, and there is a link to on line fraud police department. You need to lodge a complaint with them, and I bet the mum will cancel the claim if she realizes that her daughter will be charged.

Try this site, you should be able to report from there - FBI internet fraud


Karen, report the buyer to eBay that you suspect their account has been hacked. Do not send the doll unless you get green light from eBay.


I called Ebay and after waiting nearly 15 minutes for a live human to speak to me, I managed to get ahold of Carlos. Explained the situation to him, he brought the auction up on his screen, and said basically that I had an item to sell. I sold the item, and buyer paid. PayPal is now showing the transaction is complete and money is in my bank (should show up tomorrow) SO…ship the item now. I tried to tell him that I feel uneasy shipping this item to someone that I think may have had their account hacked. His reply was that I have no basis for such an assumption and that it is time to ship the item. I asked him to look at the weird FB this person has left and he said something about it not being in the realm of negativity. ??? I didn’t say it was, I said it was WEIRD and made me feel uneasy. He just kept repeating that I am to ship the item and that it has been paid for. Well…DUH…I was very nice to him as “this conversation is being recorded” – GOOD! Record away and save it for a day when I’ll need to hear these words again!

I have now emailed the person – her email addy was on the transaction – HOPE to hear back from her but if not I will go ahead and ship the “ITEM” and take it from there, and will totally be expecting to be giving a refund. :cry: IF that happens, I plan to put up a good fight and will expect PayPal to make it known that I want my doll back BEFORE any refunds are given.

Sometimes I wonder how these people stay in business.

I am keeping all correspondence and planning that Ebay/PayPal won’t have a leg to stand on. (cough, cough) Sellers never win, we all know that. I’m so sick of all this :frowning: Honestly, without sellers, there could be no buyers!!!

Thank you for all your advise – I appreciate it! I’ll keep you posted if/when anything happens.

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