Help! What removes paper glaze?

I am trying to take it off eyes… Nothing is working. I have the eyes soaking in nail polish remover.

Try alcohol on a Q-tip. Th eacetone in the remover will probably do the job but may ruin the eyes so don’t soak for long.

I get under an edge of the glaze with my finger nail and just scrap it off. After I get it off I wipe down the eye with alcohol.


Soak them in water overnight


Non Acetone Nail Polish Remover…If the eye is still in the socket, use a q-tip to apply, leave on for a few seconds and wipe it off with the dry end of the q-tip (don’t get it on your vinyl though or it will take off the paint.) it the eye is out of the socket, just use a cotton swab, only leave on for a few seconds and wipe off with a clean tissue…you can do to as many times as necessary but it will remove it and if it is the non acetone, I have never had any damage done to the eye…

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I think the glaze got under the iris. I can’t get the cloudy off. I tried everything:-(

I stopped using the paper glaze when it got wet and turned white, I then put bit of wet cotton wool on the eyes overnight, and in the morning it was soft and peeling.

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Yes, I’ve heard similar things, Ludmila, about Aleen’s Paper Glaze getting cloudy on the eyes. I love the clarity of Ceramcoat.

Do u use cermacoat on lips and nails?

No, I used to use Aleene’s Paper Glaze but I’ve started using Mod Podge Gloss for lips and Satin for nail and ears.

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So many products! But… They are fun to collect! Lol