Help! What do I do now?

Yes, I’m being melodramatic, lol, but I just sold outfits on and I don’t know what the protocol is. I’ve only ever sold one doll on there and that was years ago. Do I message the person with when I’m shipping? What do people normally do?

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Im a buyer, and I personally like it when the seller acknowledges receiving my order and lets me know when they intend to ship it out or simply says I will get this packed up… Hope this helps.


As a seller I message them.
Something like:
“thank you for your order. Please verify that this address is correct.”

Then I copy and paste the address that is on the paypal order. Not the address on reborns. (it should be the same but sometimes isnt… paypal only covers the address on file)

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That helps amazingly. Most of the time I sell on Facebook so there’s already a line of communication open.

That’s perfect. You two have helped so much. I’m not panicking anymore.

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