HELP! Storing finished babies

I have been storing my finished dolls in a cupboard with a see through glass door, but now it has no vacancy! The rest of my little angels are just hanging out in wicker baskets all overy the nursery.

I wanted to store them in plastic bins but have no idea what size I would need to buy!! I know it would need to be larger than the “shoe box” size, but also needs to be smaller than the average size storage bin. Sigh! Anyone know the correct size bin to store NB size reborns??

I am also open to alternative storing methods and figured you lovely ladies may have some ideas.


I wrap mine in their blanket and put them in the shipping box with everything that will be going with them. I tape a piece of paper to the box that says which baby it is. Then I just stack up the boxes. I tie the blanket and add packing materials when the doll sells.


@jeanhai Same!!

Are the legs bent in the box?

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Not usually, but you can curve the baby in the middle a little.

If @jeanhai hasn’t changed her ways… she doesn’t use flat rate boxes.

I don’t either. My boxes are 24 inches long so the babies lay flat. I hate it when I see some one do an unboxing video and the poor babies are pretzeled into a small box.

When BB was getting rid of their realborn boxes I got 5 orders in them… so I use them to store mine in before shipping because the lids tuck in to close. Then I transfer the sold baby to the larger box to ship. Wrap them in their blanket better, bubble wrap them, put them in a gift bag, put a layer of bubble wrap on the bottom of the box, put them in a box, wrap their outfits, use them as cushion at the head and feet, add their toy, their certificate/birth card/collage/care sheet in a bubble wrap pouch, then put more bubble wrap on top, close and tape it up.

The way I box them does not fit in a flat rate box. I like bubble wrap too much :wink:


Where do you get the larger boxes and how much is shipping for a box like that? I have sold a few of my dolls locally but have also shipped some. I used the largest flat rate box and layed the baby wrapped in a blanket, diagonally with bubble packs between the head and the box. The legs get tucked onto the belly if they have jointed legs. I make sure to have bubble wrap/packs all around the doll as well as tissue paper.

I will be shipping a full bodied doll out on Monday and will definitely need a larger box so his whole body lies flat. His new mama is going to do a box opening on her reborn page. It will be my first client to do this! :wink:

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I bought a pack of boxes from

Others order from

They do cost more to ship than flat rate… but I am okay with that. I include the shipping in my price for inside the US. Normally it cost me about $40 to ship with insurance and signature confirmation. I just shipped to Norway and it was about $70.

Thank you! That’s not bad. I think I usually pay around $25. I also do free US shipping.

Is this them?

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I have 24 long, 8 high, 10 wide

I used to have the 6 high ones… but that left little room and I kinda had to squish it to tape… and so now I have the 8 inch high ones.


Thank you. I just ordered some! :smile:

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I actually ordered mine from amazon.


Those are perfect and inexpensive, too.

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$1.40/box and free shipping. Can’t go wrong :wink:

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