Ok, I know a lot of you have babies listed on I took your advice and listed some of my babies there. I got a notification saying someone purchased one. I am used to etsy, where the transaction is done for you. From what I gather and my question is…Do you contact the buyer and walk them through the payment process? I sent her an email about 12 hours ago and have not heard anything back. I have paypal as my payment option, but have not seen a payment come through? I fear it is a little girl or not a serious buyer, does anyone know how they screen buyers? I don’t want to go through the hassel of deleting her from my other sites if this sale is no good. ADVICE? Thanks in advance

As far as I know there is no screening process. I know I have seen comments about kids “purchasing” quite a few times. I have sold many of my reborns on that site and so far they have all just gone directly to Paypal to purchase unless they want to do a layaway and then they email me.

I have mine set to where pay pal is the only payment accepted. If they click buy on my baby I will not get a notice unless the money has been paid. @jlesser may be able to explain it better I am not very good with words lol.


Mine is the same way, Amanda. Paypal is my only option.

Mine is paypal only also… So I am not really sure what to do when they can pay in different ways… Sorry

I thought I had mine set up for Paypal only however the email said payment by: Certified Funds? Does that make sense to anyone?

You have the adopt button active on you listings besides the paypal. It may be because you do not have the shipping cost for international set up to activate instant paypal payments. Look under the Price and Shipping section of your listing and it will explain it.

You are correct, I don’t have shipping cost for international set up, I don’t really want to deal with international right now. Do I have too in order to serve clients in the US?

I do not have international shipping.

Under account Info… payments accepted… Paypal (only have paypal checked)