Help please! rooting problem

I ordered dark brown mohair from BB and did as suggested by washing it before using. I was rooting Presley awake and noticed the vinyl was getting dark. I have removed the mohair but now ha a good size dark stain on the head. This is a special order and I don’t know what to do! Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I stripped off the paint but now I’m not sure how to make it right again. If I can’t fix it - I would have to order another Presley awake. I don’t want to have to do that. I couldn’t believe that it did this after I washed it many times before even using it… :disappointed:

Did you strip it using the Windsor and Newton brush cleaner? That usually works. I have heard that you can try a magic eraser too. I’d sure try everything before ordering a new one.

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Sadly I have stripped it and it did not work. I haven’t tried the magic eraser but I will definitely try that. Thanks for the suggestion. It’s deeply appreciated…

Ok I will try that alsi

Also… Thanks

I would suggest using a better grade of mohair to start with. It is expensive but definitely worth it. So sorry this happened to you. Good Luck going forward.

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I know I was very hesitant to use it in the first place but it u fortunately was all I had in that color at the time. I usually buy elsewhere. A sad lesson learned… I think I’ve got it figured out hopefully… Thanks everyone!

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I do not think anything will get the stain out; the dye would have sunk in from the holes and it would be hard to get anything in there. Goof off is acetone based, and it will strip the paint, but will not remove anything that straight acetone did not. Now, that you have to repaint the doll, I would paint hair on her to hide the dark spot and then maybe root over it.

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I agree with lynn…definitely get a better mohair…It may seem more expensive but ultimately, it is not. Not just because you won’t have the dye bleeding problems but also, with the better quality hair your hair rooting job will be much more professional and you use less mohair so you actually get more doll heads from your investment…when you average it out, it comes out about the same cost and I promise you, once you use a nice mohair you will NEVER go back to cheaper ones…It is a quick way to take an average, less pro hair rooter to a much higher quality hair rooting job…definitely worth the cost…