Help, Please lol!

I am wanting to make an order with BB and I have everything added to my cart. When I go to check out, it brings me to the login page but I am not yet registered for the store itself. I can’t figure out where I am meant to go to register an account! Am I blind!? lol

In the menu, go to login and then click on “sign up”.

sorry if this is stupid, but what do you mean by menu? When I go to the home page, I’ve gone to login and theres no option to “sign up”. When I clicked on “check out” it’s just the same login page with no option to “sign up”

Are you on the retail or the wholesale website? You can see that in the page address.

What type of device are you using? Sometimes I have trouble checking out on my phone. Then I use my iPad with no problem. But, I have to pit everything in the cart again to checkout.

im on my PC

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the retail, NOT the wholesale. I see the wholesale sign up, but not on retail.

Did you register on the site? Try refreshing the page.

I can’t find the option TO register in the first place lol that is what I can not find… I can only find the “wholesale register” but not for retail.

Ok, Are you using a windows computer? Im gonna go to the site on my laptop

On the retail, the link to sign up is right there.

omgawd. I am an idiot. When I kept going to … it was automatically sending me to wholesale site. Ugh! I am sorry! I didn’t realize it kept redirecting me for some reason to the wholesale!

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No worries

so everything I added into my cart, was for the wholesale… that’s unfortunate, I was about to buy a bunch of kits lol… ah well, money saved… so I suppose it’s not that bad lol

Can you not register for the wholesale? I didn’t have to get any tax id or official stuff to register? There are only a few states that had to do that once BB figured it out…

Also, the following states do not require a sales tax license: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon

I am in MI so apparently I do have to have a tax ID

I am pretty sure the list was amended and includes most states. I really think it is only required in states where BB has a physical presence (ie Utah)?