Help please! Gluing issue

I finished my rooting and glued the inside of the hair with tacky glue. I then realized that it was not waterproof which is what Kim said it needed to be on her tutorial. I wiped it out as best I could and used E6000. I couldn’t get all of it out since it was stuck in the hair inside the head. Well now it won’t dry. How long should it take to dry and is there going to be a major problem that there is still some glue in there that isn’t waterproof? I can’t wait to give this little guy to my daughter but he won’t dry. I know I should have just waited and got the gem tack but I didn’t and now I regret it.

Awesome! When it wouldn’t dry I thought I had really screwed up. I didn’t realize it took that long to set. Thank you thank you thank you. She’ll just have to wait till the weekend to get him.

I have put a hat over the hair so it doesn’t blow around and set the head in front of a fan to let the air blow in it to hurry the glue along.

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Can I ask what kit is it? I found that on some vinyl the E6000 does not dry very well. Also the E6000 dries better in cool place; in the winter it cures faster than on very hot days.

It’s BB Frankie. I did turn the blow dryer on cold air and blew it inside his head today. Didn’t have much time to do it before I had to go to work so maybe I can keep trying that. Do you think the fact that the tacky glue and E6000 were both wet and mixed will be a problem?

I have used a warm blow dryer to speed up the drying process sitting about 4 inches from the neck opening . Wrap the head first to protect the hair.

E6000 takes longer to dry inside the head than some of the other glues as it tends to be thicker. I don’t use it for gluing hair, but I do use in on the eye flaps and to adhere magnets. Keep using the hair dryer and it will speed things up.

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