Help picking a kit (that sells)

This is my last chance to pick a kit that I can sell. I have two dolls sitting with no nibbles and if this next doll doesn’t sell I have to quit. As you probably know I don’t have a stash at all so if I don’t sell a doll I can’t reborn anymore. I’ve lost all my confidence in myself and my work and I’m ready to be done if I can’t sell anymore. I’ve done all the popular Bonnie Brown kits and don’t particularly want to paint them again unless I have to. And no BB kits, I can’t afford the shipping and customs.

Is Vivienne by Sandy Ferber in your target price range? She seems to sell well.

Probably, I haven’t seen many versions of that kit though. Is she a smiling one? I’m not fond of those so that’s probably why I didn’t look lol

She is a smiler. April is selling well, too, but she is also a smiler…but also a sleeper.

Yep, all the kits I don’t like are the ones that sell :rofl: April is sold out as far as I know.


David by Tina Kewey? I have seen a couple of Kewey’s sell lately. Or Flynn?

They’re both cute, I’ll add them to my list. I have never done an alternative though and I don’t know what the heck to do with one. I’d end up painting him as a normal human baby and that’s boring lol

I like Flynn the best when he looks like a real baby. I don’t like alternatives, but he’s one that I almost considered pre-ordering. If he didn’t have those elf ears I would have definitely pre-ordered him instead of the one I got.

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I feel the same about the ears. I don’t like the alternatives or the animals or anything like that. But it’s what’s popular so I guess I have to deal with it.

Honestly, I’m just in a bad mood right now because of not selling anything. I feel like not getting a kit at all. I’m trying to save up for a trip and this is my only way to do it but it isn’t happening and I feel terrible about myself right now.

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In which country do you live?

Canada :confused: I love it except for when I’m buying kits

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I can imagine. At least you have MacPherson’s in Canada. I know we can use it too, but it might not be so much in postage. Of course, the BB kits are much lower priced, usually it seems, and maybe that could make up for the postage.

I know how you feel. I constantly doubt my skill and second guess my work’s worth. For me, creating is the easy part. Selling is hard because I feel so bad when my dolls sit “on the shelves.”

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Yeah. It sucks a lot. Especially because I don’t have a job and no matter how hard I try I literally can’t find one. So this is it for me, I either sell dolls or I make no money at all

What about this one?

I love that kit. Only problem is that it’s a preemie and it’s impossible to find preemie clothes here locally. I would have to buy them online and pay shipping, which I can’t afford to do right now.

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I think that one is precious. So newborn. I know it wasn’t meant for me, but I just had to say that. I love the newborns.

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Awe… :frowning: I don’t know Canada, but you don’t anything like a Walmart?

We have Walmart but the smallest size they sell is newborn, and even that can be hard to find sometimes

We have preemie at Walmart…maybe try