Help me price this please

My Marnie. She does have a few flaws, but nothing too extream. She’s 5 lb with polyfill-beads. Rooted lashes eyebrows and hair.


I’m not 100% positive with the lighting, but I would say around $300 personally. I’ve seen dolls similar sell at this price. It would be better to have more pictures in natural light, though

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I just noticed her brows were rooted. Im personally not a fan of this, but I know some people are! I’m not sure if it would affect getting a sale

Yeah. I will do that, thanks.

I painted her brows and she just didn’t look right. I’m not the best brow painter.

I think they look really good! I’m going to have to try rooting brows… I hate painting them! It takes me a full day to get them right… and then they are still not right :joy:


Your pictures don’t show details, but overall artists were selling rooted realborns in $599 - $650 range. I like her rooting.
$300 for baby like this is extremely low. People posts completed mess for $325.


These pics are in sunlight.


I don’t root hair, so that probably affects how I price also. It also seems that people are lowering prices to get quick sales for Christmas. I would definitely trust @YelenaRey for pricing options as I know she sells many more dolls than me!

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I would have thought these were rooted brows as well. That’s probably a compliment, since your painted brows look so much like real hair.

I try not to say too much but I have to be honest… your first set of pictures of the doll looks complete different from the 2nd set in daylight.

Always try your best to photograph the true representation of your work at all times.

Your first set of pictures: over $550 easy.
Your second set of pictures: under $400.

Your rooting is fantastic! Atleast start at $400


What’s the best lighting for photos? I can see the difference in color with the light, but the difference could be that the doll is stripped down to the nappie and the blond hair has a more translucent look in the sun. This is my second doll. Still learning :blush:.

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Well lit is preferable over dimly lit for viewing details. Sunlight is usually ideal when possible.

The first group of photos are more like glamour shots. While they are flattering to the doll, the second group of pix better shows details that potential customers are looking for.

Most new artists take a loss when selling their first few reborns or just hold on to them for sentimental reasons, or to compare their progress.

This isn’t bad looking for being only your second, but I wouldn’t put it in the over $300 dollar catagory.

If you really insist on selling it now, there’s a lot of competition in this price catagory on right now because of the holidays.

Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face::four_leaf_clover:

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Natural lighting is the best lighting. It can be a little tricky but try taking photos before noon… to avoid harsh sunlight. I recommend getting close up shots of the head, face, hands, and feet for “detail photos”. I would even take pictures of the baby in a onesie, so the customer can see his/her skin tone. When you look at your photos of the doll, they should look just like your face-to-face view of the doll.

Second reborn? Your rooting skills are quite impressive for a beginner. I would still start at $400…then reduce the price as you see fit. Good luck on your sell.