Help me find the real listing

I found these dolls that I really like but have seen that the website is a scam. Does anyone know who the artist is or where I can find their work?

The one on the left is Lidy by Didy Jacobsen. has her. The one on the right I believe is Andi Awake by Linda Murray. has him. They are vinyl, not silicone.


Lidy has horrible limbs, but a cute face. Plan on a cuddle baby or swapping limbs.


These photos are the prototypes for those kits. There’s no watermark on the pictures at Irresistables, and I think they are older kits, so I’m not sure who the artist was. But in most cases, the prototype artists don’t do custom orders. You would have to buy the kit and find a reborn artist who does custom work, or pay a custom artist to purchase the kit and then reborn it for you. Lidy’s kit is $79.99 right not at Irresistables: Lidy by Didy Jacobsen.


The Andi Awake kit is $99.99 at MacPhersons: Andi Awake by Linda Murray

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I really have to stop looking at all these gorgeous reborn babies - I fall in love with all of them!

I already have so many blank kits and I am still waiting for a lot of basic supplies…so I haven’t even started on my first reborn yet. I want to get into painting just to create the babies I love for myself. And just as it was when I taught ceramics, start up hobby supplies are very expensive - but I was well aware of that. With ceramics, I enjoyed creating new pieces and only really sold to be able to purchase more supplies and keep my hobby going.

This forum has been an immense help already and I am loving the YT tutorials by Saint Cloud, Kim and Annette and others.

Thank you all!