Help me choose my next silicone kit to paint!

I need help to choose my next silicone kit to paint ! I want to sell this one but I don’t know the demand or market for partial silicone.
Thank for your input !

Silicone kit
  • Blessing by Marita Winters
  • Dallas by Dawn McLeod
  • Emma by Natalie Scholl
  • Genevieve by Cassie Brace
  • Luxe by Cassie Brace
  • Rosalie by Olga Auer

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Thank you all !
It was close between Rosalie and Genevieve and I choose to go with the last one. There’s something about Rosalie that I don’t like.
It has helped me to reduce the choices !

I will show my progress !


I can’t wait to see!!!

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