Help matching this baby

I’m trying to find a kit to match this baby. Mom said it can be closed or open eyed. The cheaper the kit the better. His mommy is on a budget.


Looks like Honey in the face.

I think Morgan could work and it’s only $29.95 but not very chubby limbs.
Lara or Julchen Scherer

Also Evelina Wosnjuk Leelou

Maybe Grace/Grayson by Jorja Pigott?

Thank you everyone! I knew you all would be able to help me!

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I was going to say chanel but i agree with the above Honey suggestion.

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I think Honey is a good match too and probably the best price for the mommy. I emailed her some of the pictures so I’m waiting to hear back from her as far as which sculpt she likes best.