Help match this baby, please!

I have a picture of my grand daughter when she was about 2 months old. I am wondering if anyone can help me match her? I was looking on the BB site and I ran across the “Honey” kit, I think it was. It make me think of her, but I am no good at matching. Does anyone see her in Honey, or another kit you could suggest? I appreciate all help.

Need a pic…

LOL! After I went to the trouble of looking up the baby pic of my grand daughter! Oh well… here it is.


Have you seen the newest kit by Ping Lau? Olive I believe. I think that kit would be the perfect match.

No, I haven’t. Let me check it out!


def a good match with Olive!!

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I think Harlow is the closest match I have seen. I wish I were as good at this as you guys are! :slight_smile: Anyway, I am not sure if I have found the correct Olive. I know Denise Pratt has an Olive, too, but that is not the one you mean. Good thing you added a picture! :slight_smile:

I see Harlow is out of stock on MacPherson’s. I wonder how much the kit is? Does anyone know? I will see if I can find one that is in stock

Its ollie not olive that’s why he is an adrie baby… and a pretty good match… irresistibles has harlow

Olive by Ping Lau is not out yet. I have only seen her on facebook so far.

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Ohhh! Got it! Ollie by adrie stoete isnt a bad match either lol

I went to see Ollie. Thanks for clearing me up on that. I think it is a good match for my Rosalie.


Scarlett brown