Help identifying year berenguer

This is a berenguer baby I just purchased on ebay of course I redressed it already and got him a new paci. The seller didn’t have much info on him. I was wondering if anyone knows what year he was from? All it says on his neck is Berenguer. And also if any of them came with this hair or did someone add it on later. Thanks for any info you have.

I started reborning in 2004 and this was part of the Berenguer Special Edition line during that time. All the ones I ever saw had molded hair, not acrylic. However, the way to tell for sure is to lift up the hair and look under it. If it is wigged and you can see the edges of the molded hair lines then it was put on by someone. Typically, when Berenguer made little play dolls with acrylic hair it is sewn in. You can also look on the back of the neck to see if there is a year date stamped in the vinyl by the company. That is about all I can tell you.


Oh, ok thanks for the info! I don’t see any molded hair underneath and it it looks like it is sewn on or rooted or something. He is so sweet I’m loving him. I’m hoping to find some more special edition ones for my collection!