Help! Did I damaged my kit?!

This happened after I primed with folk art tile medium and then tried to strip it with alcohol. I also then washed with dawn. Am I screwed?! It’s white in places if you can’t tell.

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It looks like you didn’t strip all of it. You need paint stripper like goof off or Winsor and Newton brush cleaner.


@ttulsajess Ok, thank you! I about fainted when I saw it…


I know that feeling, lol, but it should be okay.


windsor and newton is a good friend :wink:


Will have to get some tomorrow!

Folk art tile medium is hard to get off. Keep working at it and it will eventually come off. Winsor & Newton brush cleaner will help though.

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@rainbow you ain’t kidding I worked on that forever. That was the outcome after all that. It looks okay in most areas but the creases are chalky looking…

Yes the creases are the hardest parts. You can squeeze or bend the area around the creases so that they open up a little so you can get further in to clean them out. I had to use a tooth pick to actually scrap the medium out the small creases. The larger crease I dipped a q-tip into the Winsor & Newton and scrubbed with that. It took a long time.

Wow! Thank you for the advice @rainbow


@ttulsajess @mamadar82 @rainbow thank you so much for the advice! I got the Windsor and it worked fabulously! I am waiting for her to dry so I can start on her…! Finally.


You’re welcome. :0) Can’t wait to see your progress.

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Are you using air dry?? I understand a cream “Ajax” cleaner works well on air dry. Genesis is definitely Windsor Newton.

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@lynn I didn’t get as far to painting only primed it. The Windsor and Newton cleaner worked like a charm! Thank you!

I’m curious…have you always primed your kits with tile medium?

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This was my very first one. I can tell you I will not do it again. It looked very uneven in the light. @Blissfulbabies