HELP! Albino too pink after painting need to correct

Ok, I have painted a albino baby for a friends daughter. She has one very light coat of matte vanish on her. I thought I was finished. The mother says she is too pink. Can I go back now and make her lighter?

Yes, you can. A mint green wash will tone down the pink. You might need to also do a light flesh layer on top of that. Then just re-bake (make sure you cover any mohair) and re-seal. Or just cure and re-seal if you use air dry.


I would do just white washes, carefully, so she does not go chalky. The mint will neutralize the pink and make it less bright, but it will give the baby more brown look. The only way to make it lighter, is with the white.

Hnh, I’ve never had one go brown with a mint wash.

The mint washes I mix myself do not cause any browning to occur. They just neutralize the pink some. Work with very thin washes. You may have to do several. And with Albino skin tones, you may need some flesh or white also, but be careful as they can go chalky on you.

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red/pink with green will make brown. The mint does have white in it but you d not have so much control over it. For albino baby, I would imagine you would want the skin to be very pale.

Here’s my little Shinju. She was quite popular. I’d love to do another as she was amazingly fun to make! I enjoyed the albino challenge. I didn’t make her skin completely pale as she was based off a picture I found I tried to match the skin tones.