Hello! I am new... But not new

Here is a little introduce,
Hello to all! I have been reborning for about 7 years, on and off. As a busy mother of 5 wonderful kids, ages;
12 (almost 13)
…sometmes I don’t have time for much extra. But all through the seven years I have come to THIS place, the bountiful baby forum to seek out help for any questions I have. May I just say; you ladies are great, helpful, and friendly! I decided it was time to join and hopefully be part of the “team” I see here. I am currently working on a Cozy & Caleb kit. I love painting, but hate rooting and painting hair and today I am running to town to get some prisma pencils! I’ll try my hand at that. Have a lovely day ladies and I look forward to “meeting” you all here on this forum.


Also forgot to mention, we have a small Nigerian goat herd, anyone else on here love goats?!


:wave:t3: Hey!

Nice to meet you! I love goats!!! I wish I had one!!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


Me too!!! We have 7 acres and plan to get some in the near future. I told hubby I have to get a couple colored Angoras so I can process mohair from my own goat’s :smiley: He said we’d at least start with a boy and a girl :goat:


Hahaha! :heart:

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Welcome to the forum! Cant wait to see some of your babies! :slight_smile:

Hi welcome back!!!

@Summer… You will love goats! They have such great personalities and are hilarious to watch( especially when they are young.) We plan on milking ours this fall. We have a doe who is due to kid next month.
@Nikkiroc… I wish you could! They are truly adorable and fun. I tried to attach a pic of ours but it came out as html letters.
Thanks for all the hellos! :relieved:


How exciting!! I’d love to see a picture when you’re able to upload one to the forum :smiley:



I guess since I am uploading… I’ll update a pic of my WIP. Should this be only in the WIP section?

Definitely needs some warmth…


Looks good so far and your goats are adorable!!! :heart:️:heart:️

Welcome, your goats are so cute!

Thanks! I wish BB would make a baby goat kit!:smile:

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Oh my goodness :heart_eyes: I’m in love :smiley:

@Mommy2six, Welcome Jennifer.

Hi and welcome to the forum. Post some pictures of your goats please! I love goats and would get some, but don’t want anything I have to feed hay to. But I’d love to enjoy yours!

Any angora goats?:blush:

I am sorta new and enjoying it, just did my first penciled head, I will post soon. I get the kids thing, not a lot of “me” time.