Heat set paint reviews?

Anyone trying out the new heat set paint forumulas?

Macphersons has some beautiful colors, they are pretty yummy, I bought a few small flesh colors to try, just haven’t yet and I was just on irresistible and they have a new formula also. Seems this stuff is popping up everywhere.

Anyone have feedback?

I really want to switch to airdrop this year for health reasons (I say it every year) with Gen powering down I thought it would be the push I needed, but now…

chime in.


Following. Looking to have options when my genesis runs out

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I have not seen MacPherson’s new line out yet other than the heat set medium. I am holding out for theirs over everyone else’s line because I know the standards the MacP is going to be made it will meet the lightfast requirements I am looking for. I am not sure about the others. Irresistables has a lot of new ones in many Genesis matched colors. I know LaDonna Briggs and others are using them with success. For people who paint heavily like her I think the color saturations will hold up best. Only time will tell about all of this. From all my looking at the things I am seeing painted and such it appears the Phoenix is very similar to Esther’s paint. The Ones that Beatriz is making that Dolls By Sandie will be selling is very different in that it has to be heat set at a lower temperature. Some may really favor that coming off air dry paints. For those of us using them in conjunction with our existing Genesis that is heat set at higher temps that might not work. Just my thoughts so far on things.


Thanks for the info :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I tried Phoenix heat set and personally I don’t like it. I found the paint to be very weird consistency, it was creamy but also sticky and stringy, it looked like old liquid lipstick. It was very very grainy, mixing was difficult, I had to mix it for a really long time to get it to dissolve in thinner and when it did it separated in seconds. It seemed to heat set fine, but it’s not something I would use based on the consistency and constant extensive mixing needed to use it.


I kind of like a heat set paint that can be set at a lower temperature, because it may be a little easier on the vinyl.

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Yes, this is a plus. I just am concerned trying to use it in conjuction with Genesis high temps layered over it might cause this brand to burn or go shiney. I think if you are not using both it would work for you. I still have lots of Genesis left.


I too have lots of Genesis left, thanks to a friend who let me purchase a box from her. So, I don’t have to worry about running out for quite some time. But when that day comes, if I’m still alive (LOL!), a lower temp paint may be something I would use, if it is still around by then.